Book review | My thoughts ~ Breathe by Jessica Phoenix

Ever wonder how some children in abusive homes survive? Georiga ‘Gia’ Davis did have an ideal upbringing born to a racist mother who slept with a black man in a fit of rebellion. Gia’s childhood was a very troubled one. She was hated by the family she was born into, but she survived and at first opportunity, she ran and never looked back. It seems her troubles didn’t stop there, she catches her ‘boyfriend’ and ‘best friend’ together and learns their true colors. On this night of revelations, she and classmate turn roommate and friend hit the club and Gia meets Nathan. Nathan doesn’t get the girl on the first or second try, but he remains determined. These two have no idea, their lives are already connected. How will Gia feel when she finds out Nathan has been looking for her all along?

This heartbreaking story of the girl who was not wanted by the family she knew, but finds the family and the love she craved.

A happy ending for Gia.

My first book by this author and it was a good one!

La’Porsha Renea’s song Breathe was perfect for the couple in this book.

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