Book review | My thoughts ~ Crossroads

This anthology was not what I was expecting.

Redemption by Kassanna
In this short novella by Kassanna, Amelia is an alpha, and Roman is her mate. There are a lot of twists and turns in this story, that I didn’t quite understand, it was very busy and hard to follow and it ended on a cliffhanger so there is more to come of this band of shifters.

Tangles Lies by Reana Malori
I was very disappointed with the flow of this story. It was not the best of Ms. Malori, for a minute there I thought I was reading a book by an author. It felt a bit rushed and the story was missing some part to the plot, like the ending.

Broken Road by Angel Kay Austin
This story was broken from the beginning to the point that I stopped. I was so confused by the direction of this story, for me it started off wrong from the start. What kind of characters are these, I understand that the daughter was confused, but to take the road that she did was all kinds of wrong.

A Hero for Hire by Olivia Gaines
Only Olivia Gaines could have a war hero with a poop throwing Capuchin and make it a good story. Philomena Stephenson is looking to hire a boyfriend to take home to meet the family, after the last encounter she is set of finding someone who she believes will fit in with her family and what she finds is Jade. What happens next didn’t prepare Philly for finding love where she least expected it.

Look Into My Eyes by Afton Locke
The plot of this story was just wrong. I didn’t understand it and had to stop reading it after the heroine of the story died.

Wrecked by Dahlia Rose
The bodyguard is in love with the woman he is hired to protect, only he and her father believe she is unhip to world her around her and unbeknownst to her, they decide to plan a little life skills intervention. Things don’t go as plan and two people get hurt both physically and emotionally.

Defiant by Ursula Sinclair & Kassanna
I like these types of stories, where a racist falls in love with a black woman. Dachs Neumann, believes that you should mix races and each should be with his or her own kind until he meets Harper Hodges. Harper is intrigued by Dachs and fantasies that the “HH” on his neck is her initials, that is until she learns differently. In this story, someone loses someone very dear to them. Will Dachs change his ways as his mother has pleaded for him too, or will he remain defiant.

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