Book review | My thoughts ~ Wicked Nights by Reana Malori

In this collection of short stories, author Reana Malori provided some small bites of Wicked Nights per couple story.

In Need You Tonight Branda is worried about her friend Phillippa whom she has not heard from in some time. Suddenly, she gets a call from a mysterious man, and just the sound of his voice has Branda wanting to do wicked things to him. Unbeknownst to Branda once she opens her door, her life will never be the same. Nikolai Vasily is going to turn Branda’s life upside down in ways she could not have imaged.

In Night in Heaven Crystal Brown is on a girl’s trip to NOLA for Mardi Gras with her friend, when she hears a sexy voice on the balcony next door. The handsome stranger notices someone eavesdropping on his conversation and decides to invite Crystal over for dinner and a nightcap. Grant Reed has traveled to NOLA to get away from the crazy ex and regroup, then he meets Crystal and things lead to one wickedly passionate night and when dawn breaks he finds himself alone. Will Grant stop at just one night or he will he find Crystal and give her a lifetime of nights in heaven in his arms.

In Change of Heart Sherry Jones in love with her best friend Sean Bell, but Sean has a secret. Will Sherry have a change of heart when Sean reveals all or will best friends become lovers for life?

In Taylor’s Gift Nikki Bailey almost missed the opportunity of a lifetime of being loved by MacLeod. One day Taylor walked into Nikki’s lingerie store and caused quite a stir (the author does not reveal why Taylor was in the store that day) amongst the employees, that Emma her friend had to get her. Nikki is a bit down, assume that Taylor has forgotten her birthday. Nikki has no idea what Taylor has in store for her, I certainly hope she enjoys his gift.

In Praline Dreams Dana St. John and Reese Michaels have been best friends since she was in second and he was in third grade. However, things change and Dana is still carrying the hurt from years ago when they were seventeen and eighteen, although they remained the best of friends word spoken without thought damaged their relationship. Ten years have passed since that fateful day and Reese intends to claim his woman. Will Dana giving into her dreams or will all of it just melt away.

Recommend: Yes, if you like short bit size stories this book is for you.
Rating: 5




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