Book review | My thoughts ~ Sal Gabrini 7: Just The Way You Are ~ by Mallory Monroe

Book seven of Sal Gabrini series is hilarious until it is not. I am beginning to understand that Sal is a very misunderstood character. Sal and Gemma are expecting a baby and things go from joyous for them to troublesome. Someone is trying to take over Sal’s Chicago territory and mess with Gemma in the process. Sal will do all he can to protect his wife and their unborn child.

When someone attacks Gemma and their child is stolen from the hospital the Gabrinis and Mick the Tick (fangirl squeal) race against time to find the baby, only to discover it is someone of their own family who has betrayed them in the worst way. I don’t understand the logic behind why the author wrote the story this way, he got off too lightly if you ask me.

Reno’s Madeaisms were hilarious from Toni Braxton hicks (Braxton-Hicks), Lil’ Mars/Li’l Mazada (Lamaze) and semesters (trimesters).

Rated: 4 stars
Recommend: Yes.

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