Book review | My thoughts—Her Secret (Objects of Attraction) ~ Penelope Bloom

My first time reading this author. I read this book thinking it was in the genre that I typically read. I probably would have never read it if it had not been labeled wrong. The story was cute and little Zoey is a cutie. Violet is a single mother looking for marketing work. She heads to a book convention hoping to find someone that will take her on as she desperately needs something to support herself and her daughter. Peter Barnidge a famous non-fiction writer; however, he is a very bitter and very terse individual.

It was a rocky first meeting and when granted an interview Violet withholds information, it is a bit how bending truths when she has to inform him how she ends up in the hospital.

All in all, it was a pretty cute story.

Rated: 4 stars
Recommend: Yes.

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