Book review | My thoughts—Raven’s Crown ~ Reana Malori

An advance review copy of Raven’s Crown provided by the author for an honest review. This book is currently apart of The Royal Court anthology.

Raven – there is more to her than meets the eye. Born to a world of privilege, she falls in love with Dexter Sorenson. A man from a small town in Tennessee.

Dexter – a man of ambition, who decided to leave small-town life behind for an ivy league education to accomplish more than what he ever could back home.

Dexter and Raven met, fell in love, and then one day, one phone call would shatter their perfect world. Raven breaks it off with Dexter and flees home to support her parents against an unknown threat. Leaving Dexter behind wonder what went wrong and his dream of happily ever after shattered at his feet.

This was a good story that could have been better. The hunt and unveiling of the antagonists were very anti-climatic. The father’s character (in my opinion) stole the story. There is a HEA for everyone except the villain.

Rated: 3.5 stars, for being a sweet story and Dexter not giving up on his woman. To me, the Dexter character was a beta with alpha tendencies.
Recommend: Yes.

2 thoughts on “Book review | My thoughts—Raven’s Crown ~ Reana Malori

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