Book review | My thoughts—Beau’s Redemption ~ Royal Blue

While this is not my normal go-to type of reading, this author really outdid herself with this story. Beau’s redemption will pull at your heartstrings as you move along the pages.

This story touched on so many topics and tears at the very fabric of humanity. Three souls will find that they belong to each other and will overcome their fears and pains of the past to find love and acceptance in each other and the family they never thought they would have.

Beau Dalton – a boxer who retired after a fight that killed his lover.

Angel Hernandez – an ex-Marine who made it home, but is fighting the demons warning in his mind.

Billy – a little girl with trust issues looking for someone to love her.

Beau fought his attraction to Angel for all of two minutes, even though he vowed never to love again after his first relationship ended tragically by his hand, both found and the will to fight their respective demons together. Something is missing for this duo, a little girl who is smart as a whip with trust issues a mile long and canyon wide.

The best line in this story is “The gods have chosen my path,” Mason points to Billy. “She was created for me. For the love of Zeus, she’s not my cousin.”

If you are a Veteran, know a Veteran or a family member of a Veteran who is suffering from PTSD. Please call the Veteran Crisis Line: Suicide Prevention +1 800 273 8255 and press 1.

Rated: 5 Stars
Recommend: Yes, especially if you want a good M/M IR book to read.

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