Book review | My thoughts Wicked Prince Charmings

The set of fairytales is a wickedly good twist of some of my childhood favorite fairytales. These fairytales aren’t your childhood bedtime stories. All of the stories are good readings and I wasn’t ready Wicked Prince Charmings is a wickedly awesome adaptation of fairytales told.😎

Side note: the stories were not read in the order.

Overall rating: 5 stars

Thank you to the authors, Blue Saffire, Ivy Harper, KT Adler, and Tiya Raine.

The Broken and The Ugly ~ Tiya Raine

In The Broken and the Ugly author, Tiya Rayne gives Sienna Washington a chance at love with her high school crush Dean Anderson. Let tell ya right now, the scenes are smoking hot🔥🔥🔥🔥.

Dean is confident that he knows Sienna and is determined to found out how. He also wants to get close to her and burn up some bedsheets. Sienna remembering their past and the fact that she could lose not only her heart ♥️ but her job as well will work hard not to give in to the temptation that is Dean.

Reader’s comment: this reader wanted to throw a 1-2 punch 🥊 in the gut of the ex-wife.

Rated: 4.9 stars

Red Revenge ~ KT Adler

In Red Revenge, author KT Adler puts a new spin on going to Grandma’s house in this second chance at love story.

Amelia Huntsman and Ethan Wulf some different backgrounds, the princess and the bad boy, who were planning their life together until Joel Huntsman tore them apart.

Now Ethan is back, and he has revenge on his mind. He is determined to take everything from Joel Huntsman, and his daughter Amelia ‘Red’ too. The real twist in this story for me was the Grandmother.

Who is afraid of the big bad Wulf 🐺?

Reader’s comment: Dad needed several doses of his own medicine.

Rated: 4.9 stars

The Curse ~ Ivy Harper

In The Cursed, the retelling of Sleeping Beauty, author Ivy Harper‘s adaptation of this timeless classic with a twist is a truly paranormal lover’s dream read!

Decima is a bad a$$, who’s take no prisoners, and I am doing this my way makes her an epic Sleeping Beauty! That is until she meets the winged sex on a stick, Radu.

As Deci and Radu hunt a familiar foe as well, Radu looking a killer. As an unexpected protagonist enters this story, and he is one they did not see coming. Will Deci elude the curse, and if not, will Radu be too late to awaken her?

Reader’s comments: In some situations, there is always someone behind the scenes pulling strings.

Rated: 4.9 stars

His Cinder ~ Blue Saffire

In His Cinder author, Blue Saffire, provides a wickedly good spin on Cinderella‘s story. Princeton, the charming prince of the version of the account, has been seeking his betrothed and her parents.

His search will yield results he never expected and uncover lies and deceit she never saw coming. Cinder had better watch out for this Prince Charming, his desire for her will make her name seem like a flicker by comparison.

Reader’s comment: old people are sneaky.

Rated: 4.9 stars

Dragon Wishes ~ Tiya Raine

In this BWAM retelling of Aladdin, author Tiya Raine gives us a modern look with a twist inside this fairytale. Brianna Chambers has to lead a hard life, and the only thing she wants is a place for her brothers. Longwei (Wei) has waited a long time for a mate to choose him over her desires. He hopes finally to have found that desired mate in Brianna.

Will Brianna get her wishes at the sacrifice of the love she has found? This story isn’t without its protagonist folks; however, a shocking revelation will have both Wei and Brianna reeling.

Reader’s comment: Dragons 🐉 are hot!!!

Rated: 4.9 stars

Beautiful Beast ~ Blue Saffire

In Beautiful Beast, author Blue Saffire‘s reverse adaptation of Beauty & the Beast is one of discovery regarding love 💕 seeing the beauty within, rather than the appearance without.

Blaise and those closest to her have been transformed and forgotten. Until one day, a father seeks to obtain a unique rose 🥀 and is caught. His son chose to take his place wonders at the power that resides within Blaise. As time moves on, Argon and Blaise find love 💗 where they least expect it. Little do they know dark magic, and a common unknown enemy has brought them together.

In this reserve tale old as time can Argon save his Beautiful Beast?

Reader’s comment: The song Beauty and the Beast keeps playing in my head 🤣

Rated: 4.9 stars


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