Book review | My thoughts—Mick Sinatra: Ice Cold Love ~ Mallory Monroe

Who doesn’t love Michello ‘Mick the Tick’ Sinatra? In this latest installment author Mallory Monroe, shows us why we love those Sinatra and Gabrini men and why I love me some Mick!

Mick knows he has enemies, but when those enemies target his family it is game on. Now I understand why in most mafia movies and books I have read they leave no survivors when taking out families.

Mick has an enemy he should have seen coming. Somebody is out to get him and they have started with his children. Two of Mick’s oldest surviving children are attacked and Mick has an idea of where it coming from but he is not sure why.

Mick is a lone wolf in his world and he prefers to work that way as well, however, when one Sinatra is in trouble the families come together. The Sinatra/Gabrini clan are unstoppable when they ban together.

Side note: Joey reminds me of Sal. An unpolished Sal, that is not a bad thing, I am just hoping after thing he matures a bit more.

Rated: 5 stars
Recommend: Yes!

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