Book review | My thoughts—Big Daddy Sinatra: There was a Ruthless Man ~ Mallory Monroe

The book that started my love for the Sinatra and Gabrini’s. In this first book we are introduced to Jenay Franklin, who is destin to become Charles Sinatra’s lady love and one and only.

Jenay Franklin – a woman who give her all to a husband she thought would love her in spite of the warning she received from her family. He left her faster that Angela Basset set that car on fire in Waiting to Exhale.

Charles ‘Big Daddy’ Sinatra – a business man and father of four sons. He is nobody’s fool when it comes down to business. He is intrigued by Jenay at first sight and he must have her.

From that first meeting at Charles’s son Donald’s wedding, either could forget the other and when Charles find out that Jenay will be moving across the country he can’t have that and offers her a job at his Inn in Jericho, Maine. Life is going to get very interesting for them as Charles’s mistresses, his son Donald, and his action put a strain on his budding relationship with Jenay.

What they don’t know and will soon find out Big Daddy will do anything to keep the love he has found.

Rated: 4 stars
Recommend: Yes, love these Sinatra men!

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