Book review | My thoughts—The Italian Heir: An International Legacies Romance

I enjoyed reading The Italian Heir by author Camilla Stevens. The one thing I like about books like this is the travel aspect. Violet Patterson and her best friend Claudia have traveled overseas and visited several cities. It’s in Naples were Violet encounter tall, dark, and handsome Lorenzo Damiani, who offers to show her the time of her life for one week.

Lorenzo Damiani – tall, dark, and brood Chairman and non-executive officer of his family’s bank. He is a man full of pain from his past.

Violet Patterson – a woman on holiday with her best friend who decides to take a walk on the wild side for a chance.

Things between these two are steamy, and they are complicated, we someone’s past is revealed, and a surprise that will rock someone to their core is brought to light. This no strings attached one-week stand will become more than either Violet or Lorenzo ever thought it could be.

Although I could not understand why Violet would get upset about some of the things she found out about Lorenzo, seeing as they had agreed, they would only be together for that week, and she would be going back to America.

Rated: 4 stars
Recommend: Yes


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