Book review | My thoughts—Her Mistletoe Minotaur: A BWWM Paranormal

Author Erin St. Charles’s Her Mistletoe Minotaur was a miss for me. I could not finish the book, I wasn’t able to relate to the heroine Petunia ‘Tu’ Green. She behaved like a brat and if I was Mitch I would have left her out there to freeze.

Here are the top reasons why I couldn’t finish this book:

  1. I couldn’t relate to Tu.
  2. Tu has an accident and the air bag deployed and she down a hill off the road. So she could have a possible injury.
  3. She has no signs contusions or any broken body parts.
  4. She argues and cracks Christmas jokes at her rescuer Mitch (the hero of this story)
  5. Her sister Jasmine after hearing from Mitch that her sister has been in a car accident and is with him and not in a hospital. Is totally fine with this and since she knows her sister’s whereabouts is going to bed. Not running to check on her sister (Yes, I know there is a snow storm. But her sister acts so nonchalant about it all. I just can’t)
  6. Mitch calls the sister first before taking Tu to the hospital or calling a doctor.

At first I commended Tu on her new start in life; however, until she started acting like a brat when Mitch was helping her.

Rated: 1 star

Recommend: No

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