Book review | My thoughts—Oh, Christmas Fling

Oh, Christmas Fling by author Francesca Penn, was so good. I am really getting my Christmas holiday romances this year.

Carlee Bailey didn’t expect the sex-down when she showed up to Jeremy ‘Remy’ Masters’ room. She had him in the ‘boss’ box after all. After one night of mind blowing I have to call my twin brother and give him all the details a brother would never want to hear about his sister’s sex life.

Before that can have the ‘talk’ evil is lurking with intentions of blackmail, with one party having open mouth insert foot disease and one feeling like it was all just a fling.

Will Remy get his woman and will Carlee get her man?

I read this so backwards, this is where we first meet Jason from X-Mas and Ohs.

Rated: 5 stars

Recommend: Yes

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