Book review | My thoughts—Alex Drakos: Branding Her Again

In her seventh book of her Alex Drakos series, author Mallory Monroe show us a vulnerable side to Alex Drakos. Billionaire business man Alex Drakos has but one weakness and that is his family. Specifically his wife Kari and their son Jordan. Alex’s business was in trouble and he in the middle of negotiations for a deal that would take care of his family for generations to come. All of that came to an abrupt stop when a ghost of the past showed up.

Will Alex be in a fight not only to lose his business…he will in a fight not to lose his family too. In this book you will see Alex Drakos like you have never seen him before.

Rated: 5 stars

Recommend: Yes, this story is for anyone who loves when a man will let everyone one know that his lady is his lady!

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