Book review | My Thoughts—The Love You Give

Book 11 of the A Very Alpha Christmas series by author Sheena Brinkley. I really could have liked this story but the characters were immature, especially Kia. I understand that she was bored with her life and when she decided to pack up and live her fiancé, Cory, of 10 years. She should have written him a Dear John letter telling him the truth. Instead of the on the slight plan she came up with once he tracked her down. So instead of her being the runaway fiancé, she becomes the cheating lying runway fiancé.

Cane is the man she meets and although they are drawn to each and give out truths to each other regarding each other’s situations either one is will to bend or follow through in his or her own life the hard truths they give each other. Frankly, if they do decide to finally stop dancing around what they fill for each other, will they be able to make it or will they get in their own way.

This story had potential.

Side note: why must character always call each other whores, especially when they weren’t in a relationship with the male character. Becky be bitter.

Rated: 2.5 stars

Recommend: Not really.

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