Book review | My thoughts—Mr. Darcy Comes To Dinner

A very modern and sexual adaptation of a classic novel by author Jorja Tabu. Five sisters all very different, in Mr. Darcy Comes to Dinner, the second eldest sister Olivia Bennett has caught the attention of one William Darcy. It is a bit of a push and pull with these two, they are each other’s opposite in every way. The wedding of one sister turns the tide for this couple. I don’t think Olivia was ready for the passion of Darcy’s kiss.

The story started off a bit slow for me; however, it started picking up a bit later once Olivia and Darcy were in each other’s company a bit more. It good read off and old classic with a modern twist. Can’t wait to see what book two of the Brits and Brats series will hold.

Rated: 4.5 stars

Recommend: Yes

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