Book review | My thoughts—Perfectly Unhinged

Perfectly Unhinged (Unhinged Loved Duet Book 1) by author Chrishawn Evette reads like it’s a ‘bully romance’ story. The lead male character Adrien is very abrasive to the point of maddening.

Mia catches her fiancé of six years cheating in their bed, I admit she handled it with class. After this is goes downhill for me. Her ‘girls’ call her out of her name. Side-note: when has it become so popular or the status quo for women to call each other whores, bitches, tramps, etc.? There solution for Mia to have a one night stand with someone is not good advice especially in the heat of the moment. She does and the other party (Adrien) is stun when she walks away from him with his pants down.

I will say it is hilarious for Adrien to learn the woman who left him tide up in knots and who he was unable to forget was his intern. Side-note: the author used intern for both Mia and the position. Intern – is a student or trainee who works, sometimes without pay…and Internship – is the position of a student or trainee who works in an organization without pay…

What I don’t understand about this story is Adrien’s consistent abrasive and abusive treatment of Mia. 1. Mia not handling him like she did her cheating fiancé, and 2. After her ‘friends’ after witnessing his behavior firsthand or even after her telling them about his behavior. Them not telling her to run in the opposite direction.

His yo-yo behavior is a turn-off, she should have stuck to her initial thoughts and left him right where he was. I don’t see the love for anyone in this story.

Rated: 2 stars

Recommend: No, not really into the immature bullying. This isn’t love.

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