Book review | My thoughts—Every Tomorrow

The first book in The Hopeless Love series by Nia Arthurs is about sacrifice. Kent Barton wakes up in Amaya’s house and doesn’t remember anything. The reason why he doesn’t remember is because he has a condition known as Cinderella Amnesia. Initially Amaya is hanging out with Kent to make sure he really doesn’t remember what happened to him when he was robbed by her brother and his friends.

What’s it like to fall in love with a man who will never remember you the next day? I don’t think Amaya thought everything through, when attempting to keep her brother out of trouble and “helping” Kent. Amaya is trying to protect her brother and keep him from going to jail; however, while I can understand her need to do so. She needs to stop protecting him as it seems that’s what he wants to happen since he can’t seem to stay out of trouble as along as she is playing rescue 911.

This is a slow moving story; however, it is still interesting.

Rated: 3.8 stars

Recommend: It felt like I was reading 50 First Dates, in reverse and it just didn’t grab my attention as the movie did. It was a good read but not great as it could have been.

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