Book review | My thoughts—His Soul Mate: Loving Lexie

My first read by this author Nadine Hanley, this book has some potential; however, you should never polk the bear. Tandy Garrett/Lexie Mitchell, is in an abusive marriage. One night her husband come in late again after being out with another woman and she is finally feed up. She is only finally able to escape him after be has beaten and raped her again when she hits him over the head and escapes to her best friends house and turns him into the cops.

With a new identity Lexie has moved on with her life thinking the danger of her ex-husband Carlos is over until one day she is meeting up with her friends and sees some of his men. Leo to the rescue. Leo has recognized Lexie as his mate and their attraction is mutual, just had their relationship is starting her past is coming back to haunt her.

Side-note: I think Leo should have told Lexie about his dual nature before he slept with her.

Rated: 3.5 stars

Recommend: Yes, it was a good story that could have been better than it was.

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