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Book four in the Across The Aisle series is the story of Senator James Klinger and lobbyist Trish Bond, who had met five years ago when James was just entering the political arena, he made an attempt to get her vote and a date. Moving forward Trish and James meet again and this meeting is a little more explosive than the last and he still attempting to get a date. As they navigate the life of Senator and lobbyist they will agree and disagree on certain things and things come to ahead when Trish finds out that he was apart of the infamous legislation that caused the deportation of her beloved mentor.

All and all this was a thought provoking story; however, like all this authors books in the past missing words or words not needed in the structure of a sentence; bad syntax and timing of scene (James was already in the kitchen…and in the following sentence it spoke of Trish following he up to his place. If he was in the kitchen wouldn’t that mean they were already in his place?)

The ending of this book threw me off, felt rushed and didn’t make sense too me, I am thinking maybe this is a segway into a future book for Casey from Mr. Vega.

While I throughly enjoy Xyla Turner’s stories, I wish the editing of her books was as good as the story.

Rated: 3 stars

Recommend: Yes, it was a good read; in my opinion could have been better.

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