Book review |My thoughts—Redemption 2: Sins of the Past

The long awaited book from author Stephanie James. I was a bit disappointed it this story the betrayal, the revenge and revelation of who was the mastermind. As I started reading the story I started to become bored with the story. I started at the ending and began reading backwards. Secrets have a way of revealing themselves and every one in your inner circle should be watched as well.

Lucio and MaKenna still has some issues of trust they needed to work through, especially when it came to Richard. Your mother has been kidnapped and the kidnappers could be doing unspeakable things to her and you go on vacation?! What kinda of… you know what never mind. I mean I understand why by this point, but still after what she did I would have wanted to kill her myself.

I think the only character of this book that I like was Jacopo’s mother Christina.

Rated: 2 stars

Recommend: No, so disappointed.

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