Book review | My thoughts—Brothers Black 6–Ryan the Joker

The sixth book in the Brothers Black series by author Blue Saffire. I wasn’t ready for Ryan! Each book for each brother greats better and better as this series progresses. Even with the snippets of Ryan I have read throughout the Brothers Black series, I wasn’t ready. The Alliance is formed and underway and the first shot has been fired. This house of cards may not fall in Ryan favor if he his not careful. Too many lies and secrets, and they have a way of coming out.

Carmen is a boss, but she got on my nerves. She should have come clean with her father. I don’t care how many people told her to talk to her father she would not be up front with him and it’s beginning to sound like a broken record. I understand cultural differences, give me a break.

I knew Roni is a badass! I can’t wait for Johnathan and Roni’s story! This story is action packed. Folks I felt like I was watching the Rocky/Apollo Creed fight on the edge of my seat.

Follow this clues readers! I am side-eyeing the following:

  1. Ryan & Carmen and John & Roni’s baby girls where not given a name! I know Jordan belongs to one of them. I am not saying who I believe it is, I want to see if I am right.
  2. LaSalle message to Ryan from Sammie about his daughter.
  3. Misha and Roni’s connection.

Recommend: Yes, I am so giving the author a side-eye for the cliffhanger. Damn this book was good. This author typically doesn’t write cliffhangers.

Follow the #bluecrack clues–Brothers Black 7–Johnathan the Fixer is next.

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