Book review | My thoughts—Bringing Up Mommy

Makena Sands left home as soon as she could after high school, her home life was less than desirable. She built a good life for herself in Chicago until it all came crashing down and now she is back in Merry, NC. Carter Rome has been in love with Makena Sands since he was nine years old and she used to babysit him. Now that she is back to stay Carter is not going to allow this opportunity to slip through his finger.

A hot night of passion and weeks later Makena learns that she is pregnant. While Carter and Makena rejoice at the life they created together, someone is not going to be happy and someone else will have other motives for their baby. Makena will learn the horrific plot planned for her life so long ago. Makena had an issue with the ages difference between Carter and her.

A pretty good read, although I didn’t care for the subplot. A bunch of religious zealots.

Rated: 3.5 stars

Recommend: Yes, it was a pretty good read.

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