Book review |My thoughts—Obsession 2.5

A part of the Loving An Alpha Male series author S.k. Lessly provides the rest of Shane and Misty’s story. This right here is what I expect of this author. Bring me the heat; the alpha males; the boss babes; and an awesome storyline! This is the story I had expected in Obsession Too. The story begins where the last book ended. Yeah, I am still upset with Sweets, that was a dumb thing for her to do. To be so smart, I wondered why this author made her stupid. Things are revealed and revenge is had by Misty and Josh. Some good friends are lost.

Side-note: the author description of Misty’s eyes change from Obsession Too. In Obsession Too, Shane describes ‘her eyes as a piercing gray with a bluish hue.’ In this book he describes her eyes as blue. It is a minor detail but one that disrupted my visual image of Misty.

Overall this was a great read and action pact. I can only hope Malcom’s book is just as good and he gets ride of “Princess Barbie.” Once again, Sweets pissed me off, hopefully she has learned her lesson of what happens when she keeps things from Josh. It is obvious she didn’t learn the first time, maybe second time will be the charm.

There were some minor proofreading errors.

Rated: 4.5 stars

Recommend: Yes

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