Book review | My thoughts—Wrapped in Red, White, and Blue

In Wrapped in Red, White, and Blue author Dahlia Rose gives us a story from the lead female character’s Ruby point of view. Rudy is looking for a job and she made have found one as a live-in nanny. The initial meeting is a bit rocky as Lt. Col. Byron Keats, believes that Ruby made be a bit too young for the position.

She proves him wrong and she hired. While bringing joy, love, and laughter to the Keats house, Ruby’s life comes a calling in the form of her brother. Ruby had left behind what she believed to be a very difficult situation.

It was a good story of a possible pediatric surgeon, who left that life to become Suzy Homemaker instead. A May/December story.

Rated: 4 stars, although I think the story was a little bit rushed, it had a bit of proofreading issues but not enough to take away from the story.

Recommend: Yes

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