Book review | My thoughts—The Broken Submissive

My third book by author Renee Lindemann. Eight years ago Cayden Thomas saved Brooklyn Scott’s life and a connection developed, there is just one problem. She is ten years old than seventeen year old Cayden and he is not hearing it. They cross paths again at The Club and Cayden is known as Master David (the DOM with the magical c**k and who only has short termed submissives).

Cayden has his opportunity to have the sub (Brooklyn) he want; however once she learns it’s him she chooses another DOM, until that DOM abusés her and he is let go from the club. Cayden will seize this opportunity to claim his woman. One would think that it would be a bed of roses from here on out but…

Cayden’s ex-sub and the turkey baby; their families (Cayden’s Mom attempting to set him up with a friend of the family and Brooklyn’s adoptive parents and adoptive big brother) once they find out about their lifestyle; Brooklyn’s need to obtain closure from her ex-DOM Master Chad, and Cayden himself.

It was a pretty good read; however, I didn’t like how Cayden was portrayed, near the end on the story. Drunk Cayden was hilarious and still had some growing up to do.

Rated: 4 stars

Recommend: Yes, I love a good BDMS story especially when other characters have something to hide.

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