Book review | My thoughts—Break You

In book one of the Boys of Trinity Hall series, Xavier Cross is all grown up, well sort of. He is still the spoiled man child from Zed, by author MV Ellis. This time his target is not his father, but the half-sister of Pixie, the guy who caused his near death experience in Zed.

One would think, Xavier who leave well enough alone, not a thing for Mr. Cross and Rocky is unknowingly caught in his crosshairs. It not because they have a mutual dislike as well as a undeniable attraction to each other, they are connected one by blood and the other by association.

The torture in and out of bed that Xavier puts Rocky through will leave both of them reeling. Who will come out the victor, in this story. This is not romance in any shape or form (my opinion). If you are looking for a book with consensual rough sex and a boy who has yet to grown into a man, this is your story to read.

Let’s say there’s a twist to this story that Rocky nor Xavier saw coming. When this truths are revealed who is coming out on top.

Recommend: Yes, it really is a good story. It’s not a love or romance story.

Next in the Boys of Trinity Hall series – Fake You.

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