Book review | My thoughts—Make it Last

In Make It Last by author Christine Gray, child actress Naomi Henson is being giving another opportunity. Naomi had fallen from “grace” and ended up in the worlds underbelly of drugs and selling herself out for more drugs. Until her sister recused her.

Zahn Ewings’ ranch is the place where Naomi has been sent to train for her upcoming movie role. The training at first is not easy that is until Zahn takes over. Naomi Henson, where what his wet dreams where made of growing up.

However Zahn has other issues to worry about, is step-mother and her children. He has been in a battle for the land left to by his adoptive father. There will be relations that will reveal themselves has the festival goes on. That heat between Zahn and Naomi is palpable. Will this couple be able to Make it Last Forever (Keith Sweat, 1987). [Yeah, that was the song in my head while reading this book.]

Side note: When did the Bold and the Beautiful aire for more than 30 minutes on television?

Rated: 4.5 stars

Recommend: Yes, although I could have done without the graphics of Naomi, the she was having while out in them streets.

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