Book review | My thoughts—Detour

Book 34 from the Escape From Reality series. Let me just say I really need to find and read books 1 to 33 of this series. I will be reaching out to the author, hopefully all will not be lost. I found Detour to be a slow moving story of goodness; although, it doesn’t start at the beginning of their story (how they met).

The author gives you a peek at how Dana and Justin fell in love and why Justin felt he could not tell her about his other life initially. When you had a life like his it’s always better to rip the bandaid of the *itch before someone does it for you. It’s always better to give the person a choice, especially when they have trust issues.

So I found out I read the ending of Dana and Justin’s story. The beginning of their story is called Road Block. Anyhoo, this was a good read. The majority of this story is told from Justin’s POV.

Rated: 5 stars

Recommend: Yes

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