Book review | My thoughts—Calling On Quinn

The first book in the Blackhart Brothers series, follows Quinn Blackhart as he and his brothers race to figure and find out who shot-down his sister Erin and her husband Cal. Quinn is the oldest of the five Blackhart siblings and likes his life structured, but in walks Alicia Rhodes, his niece McKenna’s driving instructor.

I don’t think Quinn was ready for her and he will have his hands full trying to lock her down for a more permanent position in his life. This relationship isn’t without its ups and downs and there more ups than downs. The author has written this story in such a way all of the characters become not only endearing but a part of you.

As much as Quinn becomes my hero, Alicia is my shero. She is a bad…shut your mouth! As the brothers get deeper into the rabbit hole in attempting to find out who attempted to take out there family members another situation pops up and it’s not one that Quinn or Alicia saw coming.

Ooo child, when her ex-best friend came into her place of business, she handed her the business. Heck I wanted to beat her back to birth and change her name from Heaven to Hell. How in the world that chick thought Alicia owed her anything is beyond me, girl needs some serious old school can of whoop a$$et therapy.

As a visual reader this book played out in my mind like a movie. A well written story and I can’t wait to see (read) what this author has in store for the rest of this series.

This review has been modified from the review previously provided on NetGalley.

Rated: 5 stars

Recommend: Yes, the action scenes were fire!

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