Book review | My thoughts—Oz Drakos: Loving Mick The Tick’s Daughter

While on a girls trip to Vegas Oz meets Gloria and she rejects him, a first for Oz. He doesn’t like it and walks away. Gloria has decided to leave her father and go out on her own. She buys a diner in Florida.

The one that got away, Oz is Oz and lands on his feet and this time the woman he is with is a sure thing, that is until he sees Gloria again in Apple Valley. Oz and Gloria have another rocky start until he saves her bacon with a flight to Philly. Then it goes down hill once again when he finds out the her father is Mick the Tick. A man that he may have just declared war on.

She has done it! Gloria has finally grown up, boy let me tell up, I thought she was either going to get a Joey beat down or a bullet like Adrien talking to Mick that way. Someone is out to take out Oz, and Gloria shows herself to be the daughter of Mick the Tick when she saves is life.

Things in Apple Valley just got a little bit interesting when Mick comes to town. Oz earns his respect during their interaction. The only thing I didn’t like about this story was the mob bosses setup. It was the same script, different cast of another one of her books.

Overall it was another good story by author Mallory Monroe. I can’t wait to see what else she has for us in the future.

Rated: 5 stars

Recommend: Yes

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