Book review |My thoughts—Leaving Fletch

In this novella by author Xyla Turner, Cheyenne Boston finds herself contemplating life as has learns her husband has cheated on her once again. She decides it’s time to take a break and heads to Blooming. She Shy is learning the town and it’s nightlife she heads to a bar in town where she meets a gruff bartender, Fletch.

He proceeds to insult her by calling her girl and serving her dirty martinis with lots of olives big mistake. As Fletch is driving Shy home let’s just say she leaves him with a bit of a gift.

Fletch is attracted to Shy, knowing she is only going to be in town for a year, doesn’t want to start something that is not going to go anywhere. Yeah that lasted al of sixty seconds. Between Fletch and classes with Peg, Shy is having the time of her life until her other life comes calling and she has to reveal who she really is and what she does for a living.

After that it becomes a little bumpy for Cheyenne and Fletch. Will they survive her life? Will Fletch find his hea, with the woman who he has wanted to make his since she first said the word ‘so’?

Rated: 4.5 stars

Recommend: Yes, the author did much better with this book. I didn’t see the normal errors that I see with her books in this one.

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