Book review | My thoughts—Dine & Dash

Issue 6 of the Lunchtime Chronicles, Dine & Dash by author Xyla Turner. Bret Holden, the tuff as nails no nonsense cop and older brother to Coy Holden from Lunchtime Chronicles: Taste Test -Issue 3. While on duty Bret spots Raven Bell seemingly dinning and dashing. As he confronts the beauty they exchanged heated words.

The next time Bret sees Raven he invites himself to have a seat with her and things pick-up from there, it’s good times and hot sex until Bret tones it down without tell Raven why and what he is thinking until it’s almost too late and he could possibly lose her forever.

Sidenote: This authors books are typically very good to read. I just wish she would remember certain things in her books. Raven mentions her younger brother then later reflects in thought she wishes she had siblings. There was a scene where Bret had directed her to take a bath and she came downstairs in a robe, then when that got busy after dinner she was in a top and skirt. The grammar issues and missing words are becoming a staple in her books as well as the male characters being straight up a-holes.

I didn’t like the cover, it’s an injustice to the cover model.

It was still a pretty good read. If you like the older man/slightly younger woman stories this is a book for you.

Rated: 4 stars

Recommend: Yes

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