Book review | My thoughts—Rugged

In Rugged author Shay Violet’s spins the story of another PWC Lady Leopard alumnus Jonelle Beckett. After the passing of Jonelle’s great-grandmother her father wanted to sign the paperwork to set up the sale of the land that had been in their family for generations. Jonelle had an other idea.

Traveling to Nevada for the summer and helping a man out of a mining shaft was more than what she expected. Her plans were thrown to the left after getting a look at Olin’s abs. No drama in the book.

Sidenote: I am bit confused about the part in the synopsis about where it says:

“But my greatgrandmothers wasn’t the only one keeping secrets. Someone doesn’t want me to learn the truth, and they’re willing to do anything to keep me from calling this place home.”

It doesn’t match what happened in the book.

Rated: 3 stars

Recommend: I am on the fence about this one honestly.

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