Book review | My thoughts—Twisted Devotion

Twisted Devotion by author Sage Young. Violet Barton had a happy first seven years of her life until tragedy struck and she had to go live with the father she never new. It was uncomfortable living in the Barton house, having to live a lie. The one bright spot in her life except Mom Mary was Maximus Stratis.

Violet has loved Maximus for years. Tragedy strikes her life once more and to save what is left of her family she makes a choice that will bring her pain and joy. Karma played out well in this story for one character and gave another the life they always wanted full of love and acceptance. This story is a pretty good read although I was a bit confused about who Violet was planning a funeral for I thought it was one person, it turn out to be someone I would not have expected.

Rated: 4 stars

Recommend: Yes

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