Book review | My thoughts—Hawk

Book one of The Church series by author Tiya Rayne is a story full of mystery and twists. This story is lit and Hawk is a beast! I wasn’t ready.

Hawk/Walker a trained assassin for an organization called the Church will follow the breadcrumbs. Along this journey he will find love with Brooklyn Creedmoore. Before certain events, Brooklyn and Hawk had never laid eyes on each other before; however, one special person brought them together.

Brooklyn and Albany Creedmoore were infamous twin girls not for anything they had done, but where there mother left them when she gave them up. There childhood was not idealistic. One sister will begin to question if she really knew her sister at all once events began to play out and Hawk’s last assignment comes to light.

This story was a bit of slow moving goodness, watching Brooklyn paint the scenes and Hawk making moves and taking no names. Is Hawk living on borrowed time, for an assassin do you really escape from the Church? Find out!

Rated: 5 stars

Recommend: Yes, just from the cast of characters alone.

Side note: this is my thoughts on this story. I don’t write reviews to give away things that may spoil the story for others. I hope you enjoy Hawk as much as I did.

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