Book review | My thoughts—Horseback Hero

The third book of author Xavier Neal’s The Culture Blind series is a single father/second chance story of Beau Wilson and Laurel Foxx. Laurel is on vacation with her sister Jazmyn and best friend Dessi, when a blast from her past appears. Beau Wilson, he never thought he would see his everything again, well at least not at a Cooper Copeland concert. After a few embarrassing moments of drunk women speak sober women’s mind from Jazmyn and Dessi, Dessi suggests a they catch up.

After a short game of catch up with a bottle of tequila and a night of hot passion, Beau is determined not to let Laurel (Lu) go. This is the second chance he had been dreaming of and he is shooting his shot, first he need to tell her two very important things; however, before he can tell her the second, her ex-fiancée as taken out a protective order for her using the agency he and his best friend Tank work for and this gives Beau the opportunity he needs especially after Tank drops the second secret.

Who is after Lu? While Beau and Tank work to find the threat and Lu settles into life on Beau’s ranch they continue to pick up where they left off. On top of everything else Lu, makes a decision that will put her in danger from the person she least expects.

Rated: 4.7 stars

Recommend: Yes

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