Book review | My thoughts—Dear Revenge

The first book of The Dear Letters series is the story of high school sweethearts Carson ‘Bubba’ McDermott and Katerina ‘Kat/Kitty’ Di’Maggio. Bubba has loved his Kitty Kat since he first laid eyes on her when he transferred to her school, in their senior year of high school he makes his move and claims his girl.

Tragedy struck and Katerina leaves Carson for seven years. When she finally makes an appearance he is angry with her, one because she left and two she left when he needed her the most. There were something’s that happened when Carson was with his mother that he never revealed. Those and other things come out when the one person that was their whole world seemly resurfaces.

This is my second book by this author and it was one well-written piece. Loved some of the supporting characters and my favorite part of the story is when Katerina walked into her former best friend’s office at the law firm and stomped a mud hole in her assets.

Rated: 5 stars

Recommend: Yes

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