Book review | My thoughts—Chaos

Book five in the Xian Warriors series by author Regine Abel. My first read by the author and so far I am very impressed with her work. The storyline is flawless and each book can be read as a stand-alone; however, to get to know the characters better it’s best to read the complete series as I plan too.

Sabra has been training for her whole life for this moment; however, that’s interrupted when something unexpected happens the night before the test. Chaos, the co-leader of the Vanguard is feelings a bit left out, he is happy for his fellow Vanguards and their mates, he wants one of his own. While attending the test for the the new Soul Catcher he finds his mate, Sabra. Chaos is hesitant about allowing Sabra go into battle with the team as they chase down the lab and mutated larvé spawned by the General.

Things start to go left really quick on the mission and Sabra, Tabitha and the other human females are kidnapped. Will Chaos and Bane reach their mates in time?

Rated: 5 stars

Recommend: Yes, it was a really good read.

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