Book review | My thoughts—The Scottish Dragon’s Baby Surprise

A Howl’s Romance by author Naomi Sparks. Ella is a telepath and she needed to get way from her neighbors and New York. She decided to fly to Scotland for a months vacation, little did she know that her life would change. Bram finds Ella in the moors as it’s getting dark and she has separated from her group. It’s too late to get her back to the cottage she has rented and she doesn’t have enough money to rent a room in town for the night. He suggests she come back to his place.

The fire burns hot as passion ignites, yet a cooler head prevails. One Bram doesn’t want the disappointment he faced long ago and two he is not sure what she will do once she learns he’s a dragon. Bram is fighting hard against his dragon’s claim, but how long can he hold out. This was a good read of sexy Scottish dragon finding his telepathic mate.

Rated: 4 stars

Recommend: Yes

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