Book review | My thoughts—Perfect Imperfection

I enjoyed this book by author Dahlia RoseKaye Jainya was teased all her life because of her facial birthmark. One day after a disappointing date Kaye meets Aros, he is immediately taken with her and Kaye is skeptical due to her facial imperfection. What Kaye learns over the next time she sees Aros has her running for the hills and away from him. Aros needs Kaye, if he is to save his people from the darkness, how will he convince her that she is not only a queen, but his mate destin for him and him alone. Will Kaye give up the opportunity for a life time of happiness or will she take this dragon by the scales to find out about her past and embrace her future? I recommend this book for anyone who like to read books about love that sees past imperfections.

Rated: 4.5 stars

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