Book review | My thoughts—Cesar

Book three of the Overwatch Division series by author Coco Miller. Cesar is a bartender who works with Janelle. One night Janelle stumbles upon him with a customer in the break room. She is frozen and can’t move from the spot nor can she stop starring as he is getting it in. Once he called out her name she fled the break room. Things get interesting when Cesar makes a bet with Janelle, that he if can give her four or more organisms, he gets to stay with her for a month. Things are good between them for a while, then Cesar gets ghost after telling her about his military past. It seems like Cesar has hit it and quit it as well as pulled a disappearing act. Cesar has issues and Janelle is certain she made a mistake by not only letting home into her bed, but her life as well. I enjoyed reading this story and recommend this for anyone who like stories about military men.

Rated: 4 stars

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