Book review | My thoughts—The Shadow

Book five of the Angels and Assassins series by author K. Alex Walker. The quiet and silent one of the group Michael Huang/Liu Wei. It seems like for the majority of his life Michael has been on the run from the man who murdered his parents. Near the end of his high school year he settles in Henry, Kentucky and meets Xara Merritt as she attempts to help me during a fight. Against is better judgement knowing that he should remain alone, Michael falls for Xara. Things aren’t perfect for the couple as they are met with obstacles. Xara’s mother is a trip and a half.

Graduation day has finally come and it turns to be the happiest day of their life, until Michael’s past and Xara’s mother almost get in the way. Sometime after they get married and are happy for a while then tragedy strikes. The killer of Michael’s family is still out there are he is willing to use Xara to smoke him out. It was shocking to find out about Fang Jinhai and how he had gotten very close Xara. Although, I am surprised Michael never noticed him before. I enjoyed the reading this story, although a lot of it was about their early years. I recommend this book for anyone who like to read BWAM books.

Rated: 4 stars

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