Book review | My thoughts—Goodiva’s Secret

The first book in a three book anthology by author Sienna Mynx. Goodiva Johnson, a DJ/actress meets and has a one night stand with Jaxon Price. Goodiva went back to her ex-boyfriend’s house to retrieve her things and was met with violence. As she was fleeing for her life she calls Jaxon and that call would change their lives forever.

Okay, so I wasn’t ready for this story. A lot didn’t and still doesn’t make since to me. Jaxon became obsessed with Goodiva after one night of sex that he would play rescue 911. There are other things in this story that are not making since to me. I can’t disclose them it may give too much away. I have to say this isn’t her best work. I can only recommend this book if you like strange plot twist.

Rated: 2.5 stars

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