Book review | My thoughts—The Gamble

A novel by author Xavier Neal is a story about a bet between two roommates who are best friends with Alexxa Ward. Luca Larson loves the ladies for one night only has made a bet with his roommate Warren that he can have sex with their best friend Alexxa. Well, there’s obstacles he will have to overcome such as how well she knows him…the one thing that Warren knows and Luca doesn’t. Luca should have never went down this road, there are several possibilities he didn’t account. That green-eyed monster is going to rear it’s head. The one thing Alexxa doesn’t want is to ruin her friendship with Luca. Guess life never thought Luca and Warren not to have bomb loaded conversations within hearing distance of the person it might affect the most. I really enjoyed this story it’s a go big or go home type of story where all possible outcomes where not seen by the person playing the game.

Rated: 4.5 stars

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