Book review | My thoughts—His Fantasy

Ten years ago, Kendal Washington had a bully named Ciaran Gregson in high school. Now he is back and is the blind date set up by her best friend. The date goes left really quickly. Ciaran once he remembered who Kendal is and realized why she did what she did, and he tries to make amends for the past. He attempts to explain his past home life to her. At first, Kendal did want anything to do with him, and then the date with Antonio happened. Here’s where the story starts to lose me. It appears that Kendal’s friends and family want to see her happy and have attempted to play matchmaker. Of all of the relationships, Abe (first love) and Demarius (trying to come back); her relationship with Abe devastated her. The story goes drills on with Kendal pretty much in denial of her feelings for Ciaran, even when they start their friends with benefits thing. Kendal is supposed to like forced seduction, but the way it’s written, it’s more like sexual role-playing. I expected more than I got with this story. It was an enjoyable read.

Rated: 3.5 stars

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