Book review | My thoughts—Raven: Devotion • Triggers • Bitterness

In the story author Shantel Davis tells the story of Raven a young woman who was physically and sexually abused by the man she thought was her father. She was recused from him one night by the young boy who loved her. Ten years later she is back in the litter town in Florida to face Lennox Grey and her past. Lennox is set to marry Jasmine, Raven’s former enemy. Over the years Raven has been in a sexship with Jasmine’s husband Erick for years. This story is fully of toxicity and twisted people; and full of tiggers. Even though some of the people in her life have the answers she needs to bring her closure about her mother’s death. She’ll never get those answers. Raven will have to make a choice to let it go and move forward or to allow the past to keep making an appearance in her future. If you have certain triggers this book is not for you.

Rated: 3.5 stars

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