Book review | My thoughts—Bear’s Snow

Book four of the Erotic Shifter Fairy Tale by author Yvette Hines. This is a very different spin on a fairytale. Mag Sneed is finally able to leave military life behind and live on her own terms in Savannah, GA is were she may find more than she thought possible. Barret is in Savannah for a friend’s wedding and he never expected to find his mate there at first sniff, he knows there is something different about her. After mistaking her for someone else he invites her to join him in Den County. Mag intrigued to find out who Greta is makes her way to Den County, CA. The things she finds out about herself while she is there are shocking and almost has her on the run. Will she be able to leave Barret and those who have made her fell welcome behind? Mag is finally feeling like she found her place in this world in Den County with a werebear named Barret. I enjoyed reading this story and would recommend it to anyone who like a story about mysterious werebears. Minor grammatical errors and misused words aside it was a pretty good read.

Rated: 3.5 stars

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