Book review | My thoughts—Brennan

Book two of the Alpha Team 6 series by author Rhonda Lott is a second chance story. Brennan Marshall, a former FBI agent and sharpshooter, has been looking for his wife for years. He has finally found her in Wayland, GA were he and his team had their final standoff with the man hunting them. Cass had been protecting herself from her tormentor. She had know idea why Doug Cochran went to such great lengths to torment her and set it up to look like Brennan had died. Will Brennan and Cass get there second chance? Doug’s reason for revenge will send Cass reeling. That Doug is slippery that a snake shedding its skin. It was a pretty good read that could have been better. This book like the first was full of bad syntax errors, grammatical errors, misused words throughout this book and even confusion with a character’s name (Dalton was renamed Dolton and Doug was renamed Dough).

Rated: 2.5 stars

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