Book review | My thoughts—Legion

Book two in the Xian Warriors series by authors Regine Abel and Juno Wells. Ayana Antoine is an exceptional candidate although not a Soulcatcher. Her abilities prove to be far reaching and beyond anything the Vanguard ever imagined. Black and brown people have never been Soulcatchers. During her testing Ayana, had an interesting encounter with Legion the face of Vanguard. Legion had found his mate. Things get a little harried for a bit with a lot of the warriors attracted to Ayana. She has chosen Legion. Her laten abilities are uncovered when Raven, Chaos, and Xenon are on a mission. The next mission, Legion almost losses her. Recently, bond-mated will Legion and Ayana have the next hundred years or will Ayana meet a fate worse than death. I enjoyed reading this story, the bug aspect had me squeamish.

Rated: 4 stars

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